The Qatari Forum for Authors has launched on Wednesday, July 1st, the “Let your Pen Release your Intellect” campaign. It aims to encourage those of intellect, constructive views and thought to produce purposeful writings for the benefit of the society. The campaign seeks to establish a foundation of culture that would be a legacy to future generations since writing is a process by which memories are preserved and is also a reflection of the societies and the invincible fort of heritage. The campaign is also considered as a trigger for the skills of the talented and men of thought to enhance the role of writers in societies.
To accomplish such goals the forum has developed a rich and diverse program that starts on July 1st with the campaign launching session. Mr. Saleh Gharieb, the program’s manager, will introduce the campaign and define its position in relation to the framework pertaining to the Forum’s strategic goals and vision. On that occasion, a draw will be conducted to announce the winners in Ramadhan riddles Competition which aimed at highlighting characters that contribute to the development of the society through their writings and thoughts thus attaining eternity.
The Forum will issue a number of publications in addition to some quotes about the merits of reading and writing that accentuate the significance of presenting thought through writing in different fields and that provide encouragement for writing and creativity. The Forum will also publish on its social media account purposeful messages that introduce the most prominent men of thought and authors who have left their imprints in literature and sciences. In the same framework, a number of advices will be presented to writers that enable them to trace the steps of prominent men of though and to eternalize their names through thought and writing.
Along with the launch of the campaign, the members of the Forum are also launching a number of new initiatives. Media figure Buthaina Abdul-Jalil will present a section titled “Writers’ Opinions” which examines the most significant opinion articles published by members of the Forum across daily newspapers which tackle important and current matters as well as various points of view. This is in the context of encouraging freedom of expression and entertaining different views and ideas. Critic Siham Jassim presented the Forum Radio initiative. It is a radio program concerned with introducing the activities of the Forum and conducting dialogues with those in charge of such activities to highlight what they have provided and what they intend to provide in the upcoming period as well as the aim of each initiative and the extent of its success. Furthermore, Ms. Mona Babty presents the “Words” initiative. This aims to establish bridges of communication with men of thought from various parts of the Arab world in order to exchange and share successful experiences. She hosts in each episode from an Arab country a writer and thinker who is specialized in a certain field and his Qatari counterpart to compare between and draw beneficial conclusions from their experiences.