Yesterday evening, the Qatari Forum for Authors, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, organized a ceremony to launch new publications for a number of writers, on the main stage of Ramadan Book Fair, the second edition of which is being held at Darb Al-Saai headquarters.

The writer Khaled Abdel Raouf Al-Jaber said that: The book entitled “Reception in the Arab Intellectual Heritage” issued by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is its twenty-third edition, pointing out that reception is a subject of critical studies since the nineties of the twentieth century in the Arab world, although it was raised in the West during the seventies of the same century.

He added that the book monitors the idea of reception among the Arabs, and that through research he noticed that the Arab intellectual heritage contains foundations that could form a critical theory.

In turn, the writer Salma Al-Qibti spoke about her first publication, entitled “The Archaeological School”, issued by the Department of Publications and Translation at the Ministry of Culture. She described this book as her first book, and that it is a historical work that sheds light on a period of time that extends from 1916 to 1938, pointing out that she faced many challenges in the completion of this book, which she identified in the scarcity of sources and references dealing with the archaeological school, as she was able to overcome these challenges are not relying entirely on the sources, and relying in issuing them on conducting a number of interviews with graduates of the school and their relatives who had a relationship with the school, pointing out to the limited number of those who dealt with the archaeological school, including the late Abd Al-Badih Saqr, and, therefore, what was documented about the archaeological school was very limited.

As for the writer, Saleh bin Ali Al-Fadala, he talked about his first book, “Commercial Agencies in Qatari and Moroccan Legislation,” and an approach between the two legislations regarding the commercial agency.

He said that the book concluded that Qatar witnessed the issuance of the first law regulating commercial agencies in 1964, and also touched on foreign legislation with regard to commercial agencies, in light of Qatar’s keenness to be attractive to large companies, due to its distinguished geographical location.

For her part, the writer Fawzia Ahmed dealt with her first book entitled “Dumb Questions”, which was published in Kuwait, and said that the book carries many messages that express the life of the female, which is included in this work.