In the new episode of the weekly initiative “between the shelves” which is presented by the writers Hassan Al- Anwari and Reem Dabees, the Qatari Forum of Authors shed light on the journey of the Turkish writer “Elif Shafaq” whose works were translated to 25 languages.

Professor Hassan Al-Anwari reviewed the author’s life, saying that “Elif was born on 25 October 1971, and published 12 books, 8 of them in Turkish and English, and her work was translated into more than 25 languages, pointing out that she was born in the French city of Strasbourg, and spent her adolescence in Madrid before returning to Turkey.”

For her part, Reem Dabees gave glimpses of Elif’s creative career, saying, “The writer Elif Shafaq is distinguished by her audacity in her writing and literary works, bringing her writing to the attention of many. She has produced 12 literary works between novels and stories, and has won many awards.

She added that Elif tended to clearly defend women and women in her work, and believed that women were the best to tell stories, and had greatly defended women’s freedom, independence and decision-making rights.

Professor Reem Dabees reviewed some of Alef Shfaq`s best-known statements, including “Don’t try to resist the changes that stand in your way, but let life live in you,” “Don’t worry if you turn your life upside down, how do you know that the side that you used to do is better than the side that came in,” and “Face, challenge, and ultimately beat oneself with your heart. The path to truth passes from the heart, not from the head, so make your heart, not your mind, your main guide.”

It is noted that author Alev Shafaq continues to write until now, publishing several daily and monthly publications and articles in Turkey, and has also been published in several European and American newspapers.