The Qatari Forum for Authors held a discussion session within the framework of the Doha International Book Fair, which addressed “the hopes and aspirations of young people in writing and marking their presence among authors.” The session was moderated by Mr. Hassan Al-Kuwari, Director of the Department of Translation and Publication, who also hosted a recent young author, Abdul Rahman Al-Hajri. The latter talked about some issues that would contribute to talent development among young people and enable them to embrace the field of writing, most notably the need to learn about the latest developments and challenges while working to raise the degree of cultural awareness, whether in the field of specialization that requires knowledge of subject matter, or other fields that require familiarity with it. Regarding the point of departure for young people to enhance their writing skills, he said: “It is necessary at the outset to build a cultural, epistemological, and linguistic repertoire, which is acquired through extensive reading.” He noted that the young writer needs some rite of passage to prepare him for the writing stage. He also noted the need for parents’ support in this regard, as this undoubtedly helps children achieve their ambitions. He added: “A number of public institutions have generously supported young people by offering them many sessions, which are now available across several levels, and these can assist young people, qualify them, and make them able to achieve their ambitions. They need to be urged to read at an early age.” He emphasized that the good writer must by necessity be a good reader. Regarding his new publications, Al-Hajri said that he has a number of books to be launched in due course, including writings about women’s rights and differentiation of the concepts of justice and equity. In this context, he stressed that he has always endeavored to raise topics of concern to society, which take up a great deal of his interests. In fact, most of what is discussed within the educational curricula need to be extended to the outside world, which should give students the opportunity to see it more broadly and be familiar with all its details.