The Qatari forum for authors hosted the writer and traveler Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Mahmoud in a new episode of the Qatari literary ambassadors event.

During the event, moderated by the writer and translator Zafer Aydin derkoshi, a spotlight was shed on his works translated from Arabic into other languages, and on his books that showed his great passion for travel literature.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Mahmoud spoke about travel literature and the most important thing that distinguishes it from other types of literature, such as story, novel, theater, etc., which depend on the writer’s imagination, while travel literature depends on the concrete reality through the trip itself to a country, pointing out that the trip is not just travel, but it is friction with the environment, nature, people, learning about the behavior of other peoples, human natures, Customs and traditions and accurately conveyed without bias.

Al Mahmoud also talked about his book, The History of Arabic literature, which was translated into Russian to be a master’s degree course at one of the Ukrainian Universities where he worked as a professor for many years, in addition to founding the Khalil bin Ahmed al-Farahidi center to teach Arabic there.

He concluded by saying that what motivates a writer to be an ambassador of literature and a trustee of his country’s heritage is a sense of national duty and belonging to the homeland to convey the correct and sincere image of his country to the world.