The Qatar Cultural and Social Center organized the workshop for the Deaf, at its headquarters in Al-Waab. It started yesterday for two days in the presence of Mr. Faisal Saleh Al-Marri, assistant secretary general of the center and member of the board of directors, in which “14 people of both sexes who are members of the center for the deaf participated in the workshop. Aisha Jarrar and Maysam Badr participated in the translation. She explained the idea of Arabic calligraphy as an art of writing words and phrases that use the 28 letters of the Arabic language. The most important thing that helped in designing Arabic calligraphy was the complexity of its characters, which gave it flexibility in its formation and mentioned the types of fonts, the most important of which are: Kufi Line – Patch or Patch Line – Copy Line – Third Line – Persian Line – Leave or Signature Line – Diwani Line – Glue Line.