The Organizing Committee for Doha events, the Capital of Culture in the Islamic World, issued the fifth version of the electronic newsletter for the Doha event, the Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, for the month of June. It included numerous events and activities during the past month, all of which were held under the theme “Our Culture is light.”


The publication included a tour of the library of the Museum of Islamic Art, and its collections paying tribute to Palestinian memory, through an exhibition entitled: “The Beautiful Memories of Palestine,” which shall continue until the next September 30, an exhibition that can be checked through the internet. It offers a selection of programs, including virtual seminars, embroidery workshops, landscape paintings and others, as well as a variety of rare books in Arabic and English.


Within the framework of the concrete role of the Museum of Islamic Art in celebrating hosting events, the bulletin focused on the Museum’s organization of a range of programs and events, including school activities, a photography competition for Islamic art, and other activities and programs within the Doha event, Capital of Culture of the Islamic World 2021.


This publication opened the way to speak about the Qatar National Museum, under the title “Qatar National Museum… The Blooming Desert Rose in the Heart of Doha.”


The publication also highlighted the “Criticists and Their Approaches” initiative, organized by The Qatari Forum for Authors as part of the hosting activities. It was hosted by Dr. Saad Al-Enzi, Professor of Critical Studies at the University of Kuwait, who noted Qatar’s role in enriching Arab culture, as well as the launching of the Forum for New Releases at the Host Event.


The newsletter featured the organization of the Ministry of Transport and Communications for an educational workshop entitled “Islamic Creativity Camp”, as part of the hosting activities, in addition to the organization of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for a virtual cultural symposium entitled “Houses of the Moon in the Treasures of Qatar’s Heritage”, organized by the Ministry for its employees and school principals. I also stopped at an article entitled “Prose Art in the Umayyad Era”, and offered a translation of Al-Khwarizmi, who is credited with developing mathematical sciences.


The publication addressed one of the partners of the hosting events, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and by highlighting the Ministry’s diverse activities, under the title “An inspiring and effective educational institution.” At the conclusion of the newsletter, Mr. Falih Hussein Al-Hajri wrote an article entitled “Qatar, the bearer of Arab and Islamic culture,” in an angle with the title “the flash of a pen.”