Today, through its platform on Instagram, Al Wakra Girls Centre organizes the workshop “Painting by Pencil” for the figurative artist, Maryam Al-Mulla, and its affiliate, Iman Al-Khater.

The aim of this workshop is to teach the girls on how to use the “shadow and light strategy” when painting with pencils and to learn about this method: its quality, degrees, and what are the basic shapes we draw in pencil.

This workshop is part of the Centre’s strategy of raising awareness and culture, activating the Centre and setting up targeted programs and various activities that attract girls, as well as the aim of graduating female leaders in the future, so that they can manage the center later.

On the other hand, the Centre recently concluded the effectiveness of “Among the Outskirts of the Novel,” in collaboration with Ink Pen (Qalam Hebr) Creative Writing, with the aim, in essence, of giving girls the essentials of writing the novel and developing the necessary skills, by hosting female trainers in this field who provide these workshops and interact with female trainees.

At the same time, it provides an opportunity for female members to benefit from these experiences in an effort to highlight talent and refine skills to increase promising intellectual and artistic production, in line with Qatar’s vision 2030 towards building a knowledge-based society.