Music Affairs Center affiliated to Ministry of Culture held a musical evening within the activities of Darb Al Saai attended by Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al Thani, Minister of Culture and a number of Ambassadors. The evening entitled The Out Trilogy during which a musical dialogue took place between three Oud players: Abdulaziz Saleh, Mohammad Al-Khuzai and Ali Al-Khalousi, and the audience expressed their interaction with the show, which proved its compatibility with the mood of Arab and international listening, which confirms the universality of music. The evening included 6 pieces of music, including three group and three solo performances, each of which was presented by one of the three musicians. music piece depended on making a mixture between orient and west. The ceremony included a national music pieces entitled “Oh Qatar, you are the life”, besides Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, a music piece of Bach, and a music piece for Riyad Al-Sunbati and two others by Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab and Abd al-Rab Idris.

On this context, Dr. Khaled Al-Salem, Director of the Music Affairs Center, indicated that event presented yesterday on the main stage in Darb Al Saai is one of the daily 42 events during over 24 days. He said they have 6 concerts under the title “The Oud Trilogy” on the main stage, the first of which  was yesterday and another concert will be held today at  7 pm, and a concert on 2, 3, 5 and 8, December. He stressed the participation of the Center within the activities of Darb Al Saai comes within the framework of keenness to be available in the places that contains great masses as it allows building bridges of creativity with the audience, and he emphasized that art, as the most capable to addressing feelings and emotions, bears a great responsibility during community and national celebrations,. He added: Music was able to sharpen motivation over many years, and accordingly the Music Affairs Center was keen to present some of those Music pieces and highlight the civilized and cultural role of fine art in society, and it works on enhancing and promoting the musical culture in society by reaching the largest audience base.

In his turn, the artist Abdelaziz Saleh, one of the protagonists of the musical show, expressed his pleasure for reaching this large amount of audiences through that celebration which the Darb Al Saai event contributed in its realization.  He stressed that he is seeking with his colleagues to prove that Arab instruments can integrate with Western instruments, he said: “I was pleased with the positive feedback I received when giving this experience for the first time,” and he emphasized the ability of Oriental instruments to speak Western music, emphasizing that the combination they created, created a tone capable of attracting the ears of the Oriental and Gulf audiences,  in particular after adding some marine rhythms within the Beethoven Symphony and hoped that their music pieces would have the opportunity to present them abroad in the coming period.

For his part, the artist Ali Al-Khalousi confirmed that there was a great benefit achieved for him and his colleagues from participating in that experience, which he described as distinguished, expressing his happiness for having the opportunity to be seen by such great audiences, and he said that although the oud is an instrument known as solo playing, but the three ouds were able to harmonize and speak together in combination with other Western instruments in a classical framework depending on collectivism. Al-Khalousi thanked the Music Affairs Center for their continuous support to them, hoping that it will gain more admiration from Darb Al-Saai masses.

The artist, Mohammad Al-Khuzai, also expressed his happiness for the good reactions received for  their music pieces, which are based on mixture of oriental music and western music. He said  although there had been a lot of previous experiences that had embedded oriental music to with the western music, but that experience and what characterized with of making a creative dialogue between three Oud instruments is considered new, which required them to conduct long-term training. He continued: Music Affairs Center’s keenness to introduce the new has earned their production global dimensions, noting that the artist’s presentation to new creative forms requires him to touching the hearts before minds, and about the extent of difficulties encountered by the team during the training.