The Music Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture organized a new evening of “The Oud Trilogy”, on the main stage in Darb Al Saai, as part of the activities of the National Day 2022.

The evening presented the sweetest melodies and the most delicate notes on the strings of the Oud, with the fingertips of young Qatari talents, accompanied by musicians from the orchestra.

The musical songs played varied between the solo playing of the oud and the group one, accompanied by the orchestra. While the evening was decorated with famous Arab and international songs, which made it a mixture between Arabic and Western music, which as a result captured the artistic taste of the audience, which showed great interaction with it.

The interaction with the evening did not stop with the audience only, but it exceeded it to the remarkable mixing between the oud players, with the music of the orchestra, where six pieces of music were presented, reflecting this mixing between Arab music, including Qatari, Gulf, and Western music, and this mixing was evident in the presentation of the musical piece. For the national work “Oh Qatar, you are the life”, and between presenting Beethoven’s Fifth Encyclopedia, as well as presenting Lunga music by the late musician Riyad Al-Sunbati, in addition to presenting a solo performance on the oud, with orchestra music.

In this context, the musician Mohammad Al-Khuzai presented the song “Lailat Lu Baqi Laila” by Abdul Rab Idris, while the oud player Ali Al-Khulusi presented the musical piece of “Bach”, while the oud player Abdul Aziz Saleh presented the song “Ya Musafir Wahdak” by the musician Mohammad Abdul-Wahhab.

The artist Abdul Aziz Saleh expresses his happiness at participating in the activities of the National Day, describing this participation as a great honor for him, and that it is the duty of everyone, especially the artists, who always respond to the nation’s call to raise his name in various forums, with great passion and enthusiasm.

About the idea of “The Oud Trilogy”, it is determined by the artist Abdul Aziz Saleh in that it is based on a mixture of Arabic and Western music, and through this mixing, six pieces were presented, and we deliberately made the choices suitable for everyone, and, therefore a national work was presented entitled “Oh Qatar, you are the life”, in addition to presenting an oriental work by the late musician Riyad Al-Sunbati, in addition to presenting a western work, especially for “Beethoven”.

The presentation of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is considered one of the new ideas, as it is presented through the lutes and Ouds. Also, we introduced Arab dimensions into it, which gave the work a new color, and this is the second time that it has been presented, after it was presented before at Qatar National Theatre, by aiming to have a larger program to complete pieces of more than an hour and a half.”

As for his role in the evening “The Oud Trilogy”, the artist Abdul Aziz Saleh says: He presented the song “Yamsafer Wahdak” by the late artist Mohamed Abdel Wahhab, stressing that the focus during the solo performance was based on three criteria, by presenting Gulf, Eastern and Western works.

For his part, the artist Ali Al-Khalousi confirms his keenness to participate in the activities of the National Day of the State 2022 through the “Oud Trilogy ” evening, based on the importance of the artist’s presence in such events, by presenting qualitative works, out of love and belonging to the homeland.

He says: The “Oud Trilogy ” event was prepared for a long time, and that it is a mixture of Arab and Western work, with the participation of three ouds with the orchestra, confirming that he played solo on the oud with the orchestra, by presenting a piece of Western music for the first time that is presented with the oud instrument, and it is a piece by the musician “Johann Sebastian Bach”.

He points out that the evening also witnessed the presentation of other compositions, which bore the titles: “Ya Qatar, you are the life”, “Longa Riyad Al-Sunbati” and “The Fifth Symphony” by Beethoven, accompanied by the Western orchestra and Arabic rhythms, arranged by Maestro “Joivanni”.

As for Mr. Abdullah Nammour, a Master of Oud and a trainer of the Trio of Oud, he says: He presented with Qatar Orchestra six complete musical performances at the Darb Al Saai events, during the activities of the National Day of the State 2022, and he described the activities of the National Day this year as “one of the most beautiful and largest celebrations that were held in Darb Al Saai, where these events present a wonderful picture of the Qatari culture and the distinguished Qatari community heritage, especially with the presence of these important musical performances in which the “Trio Oud” is participating this year and presented by the Music Affairs Center, which once again proves the importance of supporting musical culture and encouraging talented Qatari youth to find a space in which he can express his talent in an elegant and remarkable way”.

He is pleased with the success of organizing such events and expressed his hope that similar activities would follow, as the fans of culture, art and music, in particular, crave for them in Qatar