The Qatari Scientific Club of the Ministry of Culture and Sports has announced that the club is in the process of opening a new and sophisticated section called “Oasis of Manufacturers and Innovators,” primarily for innovators. Several things were taken into account in the implementation of the section, including being equipped with all the equipment that the innovator could need, as well as providing an enabling and encouraging environment for innovation.


The Section will also be relied upon to implement innovative projects, through equipment compatible with the Fourth Technological Revolution and through the provision of a highly experienced engineering cadre, within the framework of the Scientific Club’s future plans and projects, which are interested in addressing the Corona “Covid-19” pandemic and its developments.


The Scientific Club resolutely seeks to transform the innovations that contribute to its implementation into practical reality, by developing them into models capable of manufacturing, and competing in the local and international market. Therefore, it has established several partnerships with local and international stakeholders. It also offers the advantage of patenting assistance for each innovation it contributes to, which spares the young inventor the trouble of searching and the difficulty of pursuing patent procedures, because patenting needs requirements and supplies that may be difficult for the inventor, especially if it is his first experience is in this field.