Yesterday, a delegation of the members of the Central Municipal Council visited the activities of the National Day in Darb Al Saai in Umm Salal. The delegation was briefed during a tour on the various activities that are held on the occasion of the National Day of the State.
Mr. Mohammad Hamad Al-Attan Al-Marri, the Vice-President of the Central Municipal Council, and the representative of the 13th constituency, praised the efforts of the organizing committee in organizing and selecting the events. He also appreciated the cultural and heritage events that reflect the history of the country and its people in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, where the opportunity to learn about the Qatari culture is provided through visiting Darb Al-Saai.
Ali Al-Kubaisi: I thank the Ministry of Culture for organizing events suitable for families and individuals
For his part, Mr. Ali Khalaf Al-Kubaisi, a member of the Municipal Council for the third constituency, thanked the Ministry of Culture and the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations for organizing this large number of activities and events that suit families and individuals, stressing that Darb Al Saai is developing year after year.
He added by saying that: The continuous celebrations in Darb Al Saai reflect the authentic Qatari heritage and national identity, and this is evident through the distinctive design of events such as the House of Hair and the Maritime Heritage Area, in addition to the events of camels, horses and falcons, and other activities related to our honorable past.
He continued: The activities of Darb Al Saai this year represent an appropriate opportunity to highlight our authentic heritage and national identity in front of visitors of different nationalities.