The program “The morals of the Prophet” which is held and organized by the Qatari Forum of Authors devoted a session to discuss the Islamic Values and the Prophetic Gift in honoring women, under the title “with bottles/ vials”. And this is to present portions from this honoring and raise the status and respect of women and compare what it was in the pre-Islamic era, and what it has become in Islam

Salem Al- Jahouchi who is the presenter of the program prepared by Mohamed Al Shabrawi said “the Prophetic gift is a lantern to the common souls, and it gives frame to them, the ways to deal with the female whether a mother, sister, wife, daughter. Noting that this is really obvious in the prophet’s response, peace be upon him, to a question from one of the companions: Who is more entitled to my good companionship? By saying: “Your mother three times. Then your father


He explained that people before Islam in “Jahiliya” used to bury girls alive, until Prophet Mohamed Peace be upon him came with the tolerant legislation and he scolded their work. People looked at the way he used to deal with Khadijah bent khowailed “the mother of believers” Od bless her, and then Fatima his daughter and all of his women, to the extent that he changed the name of Al-Faruq Omar Ibn Al-Khattab from “Aasiyah” to “Gamila” and urged her father to honor her, saying: “Whoever takes care of two girls until they reach puberty, he will come on the Day of Resurrection, me and him like this, and the Prophet joined his two honorable fingers, in a sign of proximity to him, peace be upon him


Moreover, Jahouchi said that: the Prophet`s speech honored anyone who honors women, raises her value or deals with her with kindness because he valued and treated women with kindness as girls, and consulted them in matters of their life. He even took his daughter`s opinion “Um Kolthom” when Othman Ibn Affan, God bless him, had offered to marry her. When she was knocked out, he knew she had agreed. He , peace be upon him , then, said, don`t marry a virgin till you take her permission. He , peace be upon him, was asked , “How should we know?” he answered “ she remains silent”