The Ministry of Culture celebrated the World Day for Audio-Visual Heritage, which falls on the twenty-seventh of October every year. The Ministry of Culture’s celebration came in the form of a status on its accounts on social media platforms, where the Ministry published an image of an old radio and wrote the following phrase: Audio-Visual Heritage highlights the cultural diversity of societies. World Audio-Visual Heritage Day aims to serve as a platform to build global awareness of the importance of preserving these audio recordings and cartoons, especially after increasing awareness about the deteriorating state of preserving documentary heritage and making it available for use in various parts of the world. World Day for Audio-Visual Heritage is an opportunity for the international community to evaluate the performance of countries with regard to the implementation of the 2015 Recommendation regarding the preservation and accessibility of documentary heritage, including digital heritage. It also promotes the free flow of thoughts through word and image as tools for representing common human heritage and collective memory. Accordingly, one of the main tasks of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is to raise public awareness of the importance of preserving these recordings in the context of the celebrations of World Day for Audio-Visual Heritage.