The Ministry of Culture is hosting a series of workshops at the 31st Doha International Book Fair. The workshops, which are being offered by a host of specialists, are intended for students and fair visitors to learn about the basics of various cultural and artistic fields. Participation in the workshops is available in person and also virtually on Zoom.

Rajaa bint Saeed, Director of Continuing Education Workshops at the Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Committee, explained that the workshops, which are given by experts and representatives from 24 organizations, are valuable opportunities to explore various cultural and artistic fields. She added that 38 expert trainers, all from Qatari organizations, are giving 3 to 6 workshops every day. She further commented that “The workshops target school age students and the book fair visitors. The precautionary measures recommended by the Ministry of Health are closely observed, and the workshop venues are only allowing 30% capacity.”

Regarding participation in the workshops, Rajaa bint Saeed explained that “Participation has exceeded all expectations. Thanks to the interesting topics of the workshops and the expertise of the speakers, most workshops are at 100% attendance because participants gain significant experience in a relatively short time.”