The Ministry of Culture, represented by the Qatari Forum for Authors, launched the (Sports Nuggets) event, which is held in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, with the aim of shedding light on the most important sports books in the Qatari library. The first episode of the initiative hosted the writer/Ali Yousef Al-Mahmoud, who reviewed the content of his book (Qatar and Sports), published in 2021.

Al-Mahmoud said: (The book deals with the State’s interest in sports and the extent of its impact on other interrelated aspects of life), pointing out that sport is not just a physical activity game, but has become science and culture and is intertwined with health, education and tourism, stressing that his book included the opinions of a number of Their Excellencies and officials in this field, where everyone made their own contribution to the meanings and effects of sports.

Among what was stated in the book was the opinion of H.E. Mr. Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, who said: (Qatar National Vision 2030 reflects the extent of attention that the State attaches to comprehensive development issues, and the development of the sports sector is among its top priorities, because sport is the train of development). Also, the book included a statement by H.E. Mr. Salah bin Ghanim Al-Ali, Minister of Sports and Youth, who affirmed the growing awareness of sport, its lofty goals, and the ability of society to confront some diseases that may discourage its determination to progress, which is evident through the behavior of Qataris and residents, as sport has turned into a motive for capacity development.

The author of the book talked about the importance of the Sports Day, which reminds everyone of the importance of sport, pointing out that sport has intertwined with all aspects of life, and stressed the role of the state in encouraging the practice of sport through the high-level sports facilities it provides, noting that the State of Qatar has become a destination for sports and has opened bridges Communication between different cultures on its soil through the sporting events that it hosts and organizes.