The Ministry of Culture, represented by the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, in cooperation with the Qatar University Publishing House, is organizing the Qatar University Book Fair 2023, from February 28 to March 5, and it will be held in the new student affairs building at Qatar University headquarters, under the auspices of the Libraries Department. of the Ministry of Culture.

Dar Al Sharq Group participates in the exhibition, along with local publishing houses, which present their various publications, to be available to visitors to the exhibition, including students and patrons from different segments.

Dar Al Sharq invited Qatari and resident writers and authors to display their publications through its distinguished pavilion in which it will participate in the exhibition, based on the support of the Dar Al Sharq Group for writers and authors, in addition to enriching the Qatari library with qualitative creations, which in turn enrich the cultural scene, contribute to the acquisition of books, and encourage reading. among members of society.

For its part, the Ministry of Culture organized a press conference, during which it revealed the various objectives and activities of the exhibition, and what it aims to promote the culture of reading, to build a generation of students with the ability to read and enjoy culture.

The conference was attended by Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Hitmi, the Head of the Events Department of the Libraries Department, and the representative of the Director of the Libraries Department, and Dr. Fatima Al-Suwaidi, the Director of Qatar University Publishing House, Ms. Khawla Mortazavi, the Director of Communications Department at Qatar University, Ms. Amna Abu Qarjah, the Director of Activities and Events at the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, Mr. Zaid Al-Hamdan, the CEO of Armasite Group of Companies, the media sponsor of the exhibition, in addition to a number of representatives local publishing houses.

In turn, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Hitmi delivered a speech by Mr. Jassim Al Buainain, the Director of the Libraries Department at the Ministry of Culture, during which he stressed the Ministry’s keenness to highlight the presentation of its most prominent publications through its pavilion at the exhibition, pointing out that such local exhibitions are an extension of the Doha International Book Fair.

In turn, Dr. Fatima Al-Suwaidi, on the importance of the paper books and the electronic one, in a way that is suitable for all levels and generations, pointing out to the keenness of Qatar University Press to enhance cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and all local publishing houses. She confirmed that Qatar University Publishing House will present its latest publications during the exhibition.

As for Ms. Khawla Mortazavi, she confirmed that the exhibition was the result of concerted efforts between Qatar University, the Qatar University Press and the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, to highlight the cultural richness of the country, and that the wealth will be reflected on students and the reading public.

As for Ms. Amna Abu Qarjah, she highlighted the importance of the exhibition in encouraging reading and making it available to students and the public. Inviting everyone to visit the exhibition and enjoy what it offers. Mr. Zaid Al-Hamdan emphasized that supporting local publishing houses and Qatari authors is an important part of achieving sustainability for Qatari publishing houses and local talents.

In the audience’s interventions, Mr. Bashar Shabaro, the Executive Director of the Hamad Bin Khalifa University Publishing House, expressed his hope that the Ministry of Culture’s efforts would integrate with local publishing houses in translating such events to make Doha the World Book Capital, stressing on the fact that this is a requirement for all those interested in culture and books. He expressed his happiness with this step to hold this exhibition.

In her turn, Ms. Hanadi Musa Zainal, a translation expert at the Ministry of Culture, raised the importance of shedding light on the e-book and its importance, especially at the present time. She wondered about the publishing role in promoting the e-book, due to its high advantages for the new generation, stressing on the importance of having space for academic translations in the exhibition.