The Ministry of Culture will participate in the celebration of the World Book and Author Day, which falls on April 23rd of each year, and was chosen by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as an expression of the world’s appreciation for writers and authors, by encouraging reading and renewing respect for the unique contributions of thinkers, writers and writers dedicated to the path to the social and cultural progress of all humanity

On this day, the Ministry organized a group of cultural events in a number of commercial complexes, and launched an initiative to distribute books to the public and readers in order to enhance the value of the book and the author. The Ministry’s activities witnessed a large public turnout for the acquisition of valuable books represented by novels, stories, educational and cultural books.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Kuwari, the Director of Publications and Translation Department at the Ministry of Culture, said that: Celebrating the World Book and Author Day is of a great importance to the Ministry of Culture as it is a source of spreading culture and introducing Qatari, Arab and international creators and creativity, as the Ministry was keen to participate in various publications, including cultural and literary and translated literature and others with various sciences and skills, pointing out that the ministry has issued a set of books and novels, including the novel “My Boat Will Return” by the writer Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Sada, the “Book of Diseases” and “Epidemics” by the writer and researcher Ali Al-Fayyad, and the book called “The Glass Universe”, which is a book translated from English into Arabic, and the book entitled “Narrative approaches” by the writer Hessa Al-Mansoori, in addition to various, purposeful and educational children’s stories.

He added by saying that: All these various books constitute a mosaic of knowledge for the Qatari society, especially that the ministry’s participation through various and valuable books aims to spread the distinguished culture in the Qatari society, in parallel with the paper and electronic publishing that is distinguished by its speed in reaching readers all over the world through links that gives them access to the Ministry’s publications and browsing about 500 e-books from the Ministry’s various publications

Mrs. Maryam Yassin Al Hammadi, the Director of the Department of Culture and Arts, said that: The celebration of World Book and Author Day comes to enhance an important value towards the author and writers, as people of culture all over the world celebrate, through various activities that promote authors and their intellectual rights and their appreciation for their important and effective role in society. Enhancing the enjoyment of books and reading

She added, the world considers that these events highlight the magical power of books as they connect the past and the present and transmit it to us, and a bridge between generations and cultures, as the date of celebrating this day is symbolic in the world of international literature, as it coincides with the anniversary of the death of a number of distinguished writers such as William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de La Vega. ‏

She explained that it is quite natural for UNESCO to choose this date to highlight the status of authors and the importance of books at the global level, and to encourage people in general, and young people in particular, to discover the joy of reading and respect the unique contributions made by writers who pushed forward the social and cultural progress of humanity, calling on society in this day, to celebrate and appreciate authors and writers and discuss their books and ideas. It is worth mentioning that our local writers have contributed to many issues of community awareness and the promotion of thought based on the values that preserve and advance societies. Therefore, they deserve thanks and appreciation, and we invite them to make more creativity and giving.