The Ministry of Culture announced the broadcast of a new program entitled “Hama”, via its YouTube channel.

The Ministry stated on its official Twitter account that the program will be presented every Thursday and Friday, at 7 p.m. He described it as a programme that roamed through the thresholds of time.

The Ministry stated that in implementation of its mandate to sponsor cultural affairs and support media content development initiatives, it is launching the “Himma” program on its site, with the aim of providing targeted cultural models, as well as monitoring the influence of Arab-Islamic people of determination in history, as well as spreading the culture of intellectual prosperity, as well as demonstrating the Arab-Islamic cultural reach.

The program is presented by poet Badr Al-Lami, who is a poet and activist through various social media sites and has an impressive number of followers.

The Ministry of Culture broadcasted also an acknowledgement of the programme on its Twitter account, during which Almi said that “During this program, we will go through the steps of the conquerors step by step, pointing out that the program seeks the detailed points that have made Muslims enter these homes (Andalusia), during which they have built a very great civilization, the effects of which remain till now a days.

The Ministry will also broadcast another mention of the program, which included part of the history of Andalusia, and the castle built by Abdul Rahman al-Nasser, prior to the fall of Andalusia, which is an important fortress, and one of the historical testimonies of the Arab and Muslim rule of Andalusia.

The latter acknowledgement gained a large numbers of views, exceeding 16 thousand views, in less than one day, and reflected the programme’s reliance on documenting historical aspects with documented information, based on reliable references and documentation.

In his comments on the program, via his Twitter account, while addressing his followers, Badr Al-Lami said that: “When it comes to your mind, Al-Andalus opens up many details that had to be placed on the letters without prejudice or extravagance. It wasn’t just the men who opened Andalusia, it was Al-Himma.

Al-Lami added by saying that: “We have prepared the program and May God benefit us, and in the meantime, thanked the Ministry of Culture for its full sponsorship of the programme.

The programme was commended on the account of the Ministry of Culture and was welcomed by the various account holders on Twitter, who thanked the Ministry of Culture for its support of the programme. They described it as having a remarkable effort, and that the public was thirsting for such programmes, which reminded them of the beautiful history while at the same time reviving the current reality with the age of this history.

Social media pioneers also thanked Badr Al-Lami. Describing him as a creative person, he gave a lot and creativity in him, and that this work would be different from the other. They hope that God will benefit from this work.