The Center for Music Affairs of the Ministry of Culture held a symposium entitled the “Qatari Military Music” in cooperation with the Qatari Armed Forces Music Battalion, at the Drama Theater of the Cultural Village Foundation, Katara.

The symposium came as part of the “Music Salon” series, which the Center launched as a permanent activity, during which Major General Salem Fahd Al-Hababi, Commander of the Center for Offers and Military Music and was moderated by the poet/Abdul-Hamid Al -Youssef, Deputy Director of the Music Affairs Center.

Major General/Salem Fahd Al -Hababi reviewed the history of military music in Qatar, which was founded in early 1949 AD, with the trumpets of the (Al-Sadaheen) and then Al-Iqaa, then Al-Nahhas and Al-Qorb, indicating that the beginning was with the trumpet machine where it was used in military calls such as (gathering, leaving, raising the flag, half-mast, greeting of the leader), then forming the music band based on Al-Nahhas, Al-Qorb and rhythms in 1954 AD, to start a new stage under the name (the unit of armed forces music) and then the armed forces music battalion became at the present time.

He added that the first and second companies were formed in 1982, and from 1998 to 2010 it became four integrated musical companies in addition to the band of music (symphony), which has a great role in the battalion where it prepares the individual through various musical sessions, at the forefront is the founding musical course and its duration is two years, where the school prepares the player to perform all kinds of ceremonies entrusted to him from marches, waltz, selections, and common pieces.

He explained that the armed forces music battalion has a lot of tasks, most notably the ceremony of the Emiri Diwan to receive the guests of His Highness Sheikh, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the State, and celebrate the National Day of the State, and the graduation of colleges and institutes of training of the armed forces. It also contributes to the graduation ceremony of university students and the Scientific Excellence Day ceremony, in addition to the State’s sporting events.

The commander of the Military Offers and Music Center referred to the participation of the Music Battalion in international festivals in Gulf countries, along with foreign countries such as United States of America, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, and China, noting that the Qatari participation won the admiration of these peoples in the Qatari color and western pieces of music using the (bagpipes) machine.

He also presented during his speech a summary of the Symphony Band of the Armed Forces and its participation in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, explaining that the idea started in 2008 for our need for such teams to keep pace with the continuous development in the State and was created in 2011, and the full symphony band consisted of stringed machines such as (Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Lute, Zither), all with the support and communication of the General Command of the Qatari Armed Forces, which encouraged this and provided all the possibilities to develop the symphony band and highlight the Qatari identity in front of international music, stressing that this group is currently competing with teams from other countries in performing international pieces of music.

For his part, Mr. Khalid Al-Salem, the Director of the Music Affairs Center, said on the sidelines of the symposium, that the “Music Salon” continues his efforts to highlight the various types of music to be chosen with military music with its special features, and that the Qatari Armed Forces Music Battalion has very strong musical capabilities, it has a commitment to playing and the way of performance and the military Marsh, adding a special aesthetic to this music, and this type of military music has become within European festivals in which the State of Qatar participates, noting the music salon will continue in presenting many events and musical evenings.

The musical evening witnessed the presentation of various musical instruments on the sidelines of the event, and the distribution of certificates of appreciation.