Within the framework of the Ministry of Culture’s presentation of Qatari talents, the Ministry of Culture has published on its account on Twitter a video, highlighting the talents of the artist.

Quota explained during the video that she had been doing art since the end of the 1980s, and she said, “I remember from a young age when I was drawing the bottom of the sea and how I painted fish and I had been starting since I was in the first grade, and my teachers who reinforced my talent helped me a lot. And from the art I practiced, I added: I practiced a lot of art, but with time, preoccupation, and workshops I turn to abstract art, which has brought me to universality, and made me research it more and more. From her international engagements, the artist stated that she was proud to be awarded first place over 13 countries, in the Asian Biennale of Dhaka, in 2014, as nominated in Britain for the first center of abstract art last year. A quota confirmed that both country and resident artists have a clear footprint in highlighting country art and highlighting local heritage through artwork.