The Ministry of Culture’s Qatari Forum for Authors celebrated the International Day of Education by organizing a discussion forum hosting author, businesswoman, and consultant Mirvat Ibrahim.


The forum started with an introduction of Mirvat Ibrahim as an author, social activist, sustainable development consultant, and businesswoman. Ibrahim thanked the Qatari Forum for Authors for their support of education and research, and for giving her the opportunity to talk about the importance of establishing strong communities. She explained that her book is based on the idea that information technology is the key to future online education in Qatar. She stressed that education is vital for sustainable development and the achievement of the Qatar National Vision 2030. In this context, she thanked every teacher who contributes to achieving these objectives and their underlying concepts. She also noted that media professionals play a crucial role in raising social awareness, which is a social responsibility shared by all community members.


Mirvat Ibrahim commented on the design of her book cover. “I wanted the book cover to clearly indicate that education is a source of light from which the 17 UN sustainable development goals emanate. Without education it is not possible to achieve the first sustainable development goal of eliminating poverty. The same applies to health, because without education and awareness we would not be able to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.” She noted that high levels of education in any country correlate directly with low crime rates, as education helps to direct youth and maintain positive messaging across society. Education allows society to confront challenges and achieve social responsibility. This is why education is a national priority.


Mirvat Ibrahim then talked about gender equality, clean energy, clean water, and environmental protection. “Qatar is a leader in all these areas, and all indicators demonstrate that Qatar is the first in the Arab World and the fourth globally with regard to the quality of education,” she said.