The Ministry of Culture announced the organization of the “Gargee’an Market” event at the Darb Al Saai HQ in Umm Salal during the period from today, Monday, until March 24, from 7:30 pm until 12 midnight.
The Ministry said: Establishing the Gargee’an Market aims to preserve the authentic Qatari heritage, customs and traditions, as well as strengthen the national identity and keep pace with the atmosphere of the holy month. The Ministry explained that the Gargee’an market includes 80 stores that display and sell a variety of Gargee’an supplies, food, and a variety of goods, in addition to holding various events, including Al-Musaharrati, Al-Hanaiya, and Hazawy “Hadiya Saeed,” popular games, Al-Mutawa event, and a number of children’s education workshops.
Gargee’an Market emulates the atmosphere of Al Freej, the old Qatari neighbourhood, with its distinctive designs that are in line with this special heritage occasion.