The Ministry of Culture announced the extension of the second edition of Ramadan Book Fair, which is currently being held at Darb Al-Saai headquarters in Umm Salal, until the ninth of April.

The Ministry said that the extension came in response to the desire of the large masses who flock to the exhibition, and to provide an opportunity for various members of society to obtain the sources of thought and culture provided by the exhibition amid a distinct Ramadan atmosphere and cultural and religious activities targeting all segments of society, in light of the participation of 79 Qatari and Arab publishing houses in this version of the exhibition.

Mr. Jassim Al-Buainain, the Director of Ramadan Book Fair, said that the extension of the duration of the exhibition came at the appropriate time, as the Ministry received many requests to extend the duration of the exhibition, pointing out that the second edition of the exhibition is characterized by a cultural atmosphere and the holding of various seminars and discussion sessions dealing with many literary, cultural and religious topics. A group of Qatari and Arab academics and intellectuals participate in it.

On the other hand, and within the activities of Ramadan Book Fair, yesterday evening, a discussion session was held on the early beginnings of the establishment of the formal education, in which Mr. Yassin Al Hammadi, the Director of the Department of Culture and Arts at the Ministry of Culture.

During his participation in the session, Al-Efrangi discussed the most important milestones that the education sector in the State of Qatar went through, and how it became a beacon of knowledge and advanced ranks, internationally, stressing the need for the teacher to follow up on everything new so that he can give in the field of education.

He pointed out that the teaching profession is not easy, and that the teacher has a great burden and much is required of him, considering the teacher as the basic rule in the educational process.

He said that building an excellent education depends on the selection of qualified teachers, who are able to deliver information to students in the best ways, pointing out that the student today needs greater care, and the teacher also needs attention from various aspects, and giving him the necessary status, due appreciation and respect.

He pointed out that the State of Qatar has witnessed a boom in education and is considered one of the first countries in the world in the field of education, in terms of expanding the establishment of schools, universities, educational cities and others, in addition to the significant development of the educational process in the State of Qatar.