The Ministry of Culture announced that the topic of “Honesty” was chosen as the second topic in the “Mthayel Nabati Poetry Competition”, following the first topic it presented, which revolved around “Inattention”. The Ministry, through their digital platforms, referred those wishing to participate in the competition to a link that includes how to participate, its conditions, prizes, objectives, and other aspects related to the competition. The second stage of the competition targets Qatari and resident poets. This episode is expected to be broadcasted next April 8 from the Darb Al Saai Theater. Poet Omar Fahd Al-Wadaani Al-Dosari previously qualified for the final of the competition after passing the first stage. While a poet is crowned in the competition every month over a period of nine months, the nine poets compete for the title and the positions that follow after those as final qualifiers.
Competitors are required to meet several conditions, including submitting approximately 12 verses of poetry and that the participant must not be less than 18 years old, and a commitment to filling out the registration form, in addition to adhering to the subject of the competition and the number of required verses, estimated at about 12 verses of poetry, and that the poem be written exclusively for the competition and not published previously, and it must be intended for Nabati poetry only.
In the coming months, the competition will address different qualities to be talked about in order to spread the spirit of values and morals and enhance identity through literature, as the distinguished poems that the poets will present aim to raise the cultural and literary level of the poets, in addition to adopting what enhances the taste of Arab societies and preserves cultural identity, in addition to enhancing general standards and meanings of poetry.
The competition also aims to support young poetic talents, to become a shining sign in the world of poetic creativity at the Arab level, and for poets to pass through it to the gateway to brilliance, enriching the Qatari and Arab poetic scene, after bringing their creative gift to the public through a competition that will be attractive to followers and poetry lovers, in addition to enriching the poetic movement inside and outside the country is based on the Ministry of Culture’s belief in supporting poetic talents and highlighting the most distinguished ones, and investing in the Ministry’s successes in the competitions that it presented to the creative arena over the past years, which received a remarkable turnout. The new competition is added to the poetic projects through which the Ministry seeks to develop talents inside and outside Qatar.