The Ministry of Culture and Sports announced a program full of various events and activities within the events of the “Qatari Success” festival, which is scheduled to be launched today in its fourth edition at the Qatar National Convention Center, as part of the hosting program of “Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World for the year 2021.” The Ministry of Culture and Sports is considered to be the ministerial partner of the ceremony, which is designed to present the most successful country experiences of influential and distinguished persons in all areas. It will also provide an opportunity to hold meetings between officials and the public by organizing interactive meetings attended by general managers, executive heads and directors of departments of the various departments of the State.


Distinctive Events

On this occasion, Mrs. Aisha Al-Mahmoud, Director of Public Relations and Communication at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, said: “This year’s participation by the Ministry of Culture and Sports is part of its constant concern to support the major youth events held in the territory of the State of Qatar, which are marked by a remarkable turnout of Qatari youth.” The Ministry is participating in many special activities in the “Qatari Success” celebration, which is scheduled to launch its fourth edition today, Thursday, for a period of 3 days, under the slogan “Yesterday’s Dream is Today’s Reality”.


She stated that the Department of Youth Affairs will benefit from this opportunity to launch a number of questionnaires for the preparation of the national youth policy among the youth audience participating in a Qatari success. She added: We hope that the youth will cooperate with us by answering the questionnaires to ensure that the national youth policy expresses their aspirations and orientations. The administration will also hold open discussions with young people on a number of issues of interest to young people, and young people will have the opportunity to put forward their ideas and express their opinions about them.


On the other hand, the Department of Culture will offer a number of distinct events through the Qatari Forum for Authors by bringing up several important topics and discussing a number of different cultural issues. The Centre for Music Affairs will also offer inspiring artistic activities based on interactive engagement with young people.


Youth Narrative

The schedule of events presented by the Ministry of Culture and Sports during this festival includes many activities and dialogue sessions with a variety of topics, including: “Youth Narrative” event which is organized by the Department of Youth Affairs, which is an event that hosts a number of young people to tell their stories and inspire them with ideas that will change their lives for the better. This event is held on a daily basis throughout the festival days, where every two youths present two different stories through two sessions of half an hour each.



Qatari Success

The Qatari Forum for Authors, during the fourth edition of the “Qatari Success” Festival, is keen to celebrate the successes, achievements and contributions of young writers in the cultural field. The participation of the Qatari Forum for Authors during this festival is represented in the activities of “Me and My Book” and the Dialogue of Generations, noting that the “Me and My Book” event is a daily 30-minute segment, during which two young writers are hosted. The duration of the meeting with each writer is 15 minutes, and the meeting is in the form of quick questions and answers to talk about their experiences in writing, their most important publications, their ambitions, and the messages they wish to convey through their work, in addition to talking about the challenges and difficulties they face.


Dialogue of Generations

As for the “Dialogue of Generations” event, it is a three-day and hour-long section, moderated by interviewer and entrepreneur Hessa Al-Suwaidi, at the pavilion of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, during which writers in the same field from two different generations are hosted, they shall be asked the same questions about their vision of culture and the changes that has taken place in recent years and its effects on cultural production in terms of quantity and quality. It is noteworthy that these events will be broadcasted on the Forum channel on YouTube, and the number of attendances will be limited due to the commitment to precautionary measures.




Musical Activities

The Centre for Music Affairs also offers a number of events that shall attract the public as part of its program which has been presented for some time under the slogan “Music Everywhere,” during which young people will have the opportunity to experience different musical instruments themselves, and the appropriate space to be provided will allow players to build creative bridges with attendance , taking into account all precautionary measures, and it will be emphasized through these events that art, as the most capable of addressing hearts and minds together, is a major partner in all events hosted by the state, especially that music represents that soft power that can address all human beings, and it also has the ability to Stirring up enthusiasm, and this event comes as part of the “Music Affairs” effort to contribute to achieving the ministry’s strategy, which aims to spread arts and culture in all sectors of society.


Remarkable Success

It should be noted that the “Qatari Success” activities witnessed remarkable success during the past years and a remarkable development year after year. The festival, expected to be launched today, will cover 7 forums covering various fields Free workshops and courses will be held for citizens and residents, with the participation of selected Qatari trainers, as well as recreational activities accompanying the meetings.


The Organizing Committee of the Festival has confirmed its concern to comply fully with all the measures and procedures of the Ministry of Health with regard to the Corona virus (COVID- 19) and to ensure that those who wish to be present at all events have received two doses of the anti- virus Vaccine.