His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, the Minister of Culture, inaugurated Al “Saber” photo exhibition by photographer Mohammed Al-Baker, at the headquarters of Qatar Photography Center at Katara Cultural Village.

The exhibition includes 50 pictures of birds of different types and shapes, as well as a photographic combination of resident and migratory birds in the State of Qatar.

The exhibition carries with it the beauty of a picturesque Qatari environment that attracts 300 species of resident and migratory birds that rest in it, in addition to rare birds of dazzling colors.

Mohammed Al-Baker said that: “I was keen to choose the best pictures that were taken of resident and migratory birds in the Qatari environment,” pointing out that he entered the field of photography in 2018, and chose the field of bird photography, which he actually started working on in 2019 and continued on that until 2022. Over the years, he was able to take more than 150 pictures of migratory birds residing in the Qatari environment, with all their details and movements.

Al-Baker added by saying that that the hobby of photographing in nature is dangerous and at the same time entertaining, as the practitioner is exposed to environmental difficulties and risks, whether it is related to his exposure to passage in places where dangerous reptiles live on human life, or to natural factors and rituals, and it is entertaining because the photographer feels proud when he takes an aesthetic picture of birds in the Qatari environment.

He explained by saying that he sometimes needs to spend five hours or more in the same place or wander from one place to another in order to be able to take an aesthetic picture of migratory or resident birds, indicating that he turns his lens to the areas located on the coast and the other in the desert, Rawdat and open farms in various regions in order to capture pictures of the birds that live in it.