His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, the Minister of Culture, crowned the winners of the fourth edition of the Universities Poet Competition held by the Ministry of Culture, represented by Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al Arab”, from May 11 to May 20, in cooperation with Qatar University, which targeted university students. and civil and military colleges. The culmination came during the closing ceremony at Qatar University for the competition, which included the categories of Eloquent poetry and Nabati poetry, in the presence of a large audience, as well as a group of university officials, intellectuals and students.

In the category of eloquent poetry, the poet Mohammad Aflah from Mauritania won the first place, Hamad Salem Al-Rashdi from Qatar came in the second place, then, Adel Mohammad Abdul Hameed from Pakistan came in the third place, all from Qatar University. In the Nabati poetry category, Saeed Ali Al Afeer of Ahmed bin Mohammad Military College won the first place, Hamad Jaber Al-Jarhab won the second place, and Mohammed Saleh Al-Nabit, both from Qatar University, came in the third place. His Excellency the Minister of Culture honored the members of the jury, who are the poets: Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Sada, Zayed Cruz, Ali Al-Masoudi, and Lahdan Sabah Al-Kubaisi.

The last stage witnessed a competition between the poets qualified for the final in creating poems about good faith and neglect of the eloquent poets, while the Nabati poets competed in counting the poem entitled “Your Future” in order to see the angles that the poet sees, and everyone competed impromptu over a video that was presented on the culture of leadership and respecting the etiquette of the road during the ceremony, so that each poet creates three verses on the subject. The poet Shabib bin Arar Al-Nuaimi, the Director of Qatar Poetry Center, stressed in a speech during the ceremony the permanent center’s keenness to make poetry an expression of good qualities and morals, indicating that the competition has adopted an ethical system since its inception, so that this is broadcast in the personality due to the cultural and social environment. The Director of Qatar Poetry Center added by saying that: The value of life is the value of work, moral values ​​that agree with logical values ​​of right, wrong and potential. He also considers popular poetry at the forefront of the important media for spreading and promoting noble concepts and morals. Al-Nuaimi said that: Poetry in general is considered as one of the important historical tributaries for reading the realities of communities and removing the veil from their events.

In the speech delivered by the poet Ali Al-Masoudi, the arbitration committee stressed the importance of the role of poets in society and the adoption of issues that serve their nation, due to their great influence, so that some poets and rhetoricians historically supported their poetry for opinion, even if it was contrary to what they believed, and that was only proof of their linguistic and persuasive abilities.

For his part, Hamad Jaber Al-Jarhab, who was crowned second in the Nabatean category, said that: He is a lover, connoisseur, and lover of poetry, and he started writing young through experimentation in order to discover and refine talent.

The Qatari poet Mohammad Salih Al-Nabit said that: I entered the world of poetry out of love for this world that expresses beautiful ideas in simple words, pointing out that his poems belong to conservative poetry that promotes noble values, while the poet Adel Mohammad Abdul Hameed from Pakistan said that the university poet competition was an opening Good, and he participated in it last year and reached the penultimate stage, through which he got to know many poets and critics.