Yesterday evening, His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, the Minister of Culture, attended the poetry evening held by Majaz Studio, under the auspices of Aryan Real Estate Company.

The evening was held under the title “MIDAD”, where the following poets: Mubarak Al Khalifa, Mohammad Yassin Saleh, Ali Al-Masoudi and Hamad Al-Baridi, have participated in and read their masterpieces of poems, which varied between eloquent poetry, and the other Nabati.

The evening included poetry competitions for the public, and musical performances on the lute and the law. The evening is considered the first of the Majaz studio activities, as it aims to hold many cultural and artistic events during the coming period.

During the evening, the poets emphasized the importance of achieving communication between poets and the audience. They stressed on the importance of intensifying the cultural movement in this period in which the country is witnessing an economic, sporting and cultural momentum.