His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, Minister of Culture, issued a decision approving the regulations organizing the Qatari Ardha teams, after reviewing Law No. “14” of 2012 regarding the Qatari flag, and Emiri Resolution No. “57” of 2021 specifying the competencies of the ministries, and the decision Amiri No. “44” of 2022 in the organizational structure of the Ministry of Culture.

Where it was decided, firstly: to implement the provisions of the regulations organizing the Ardha teams attached to this decision, and secondly: all entities subject to the provisions of the attached regulations must adjust their situations in accordance with the provisions of this regulation within “6” months from the date of implementation of the decision, thirdly: every provision that contravenes the provisions of this regulation shall be repealed. Fourth: All competent authorities, each within their jurisdiction, must implement this decision and apply it from the date of its issuance.