The Ministry of Culture’s Media Center celebrated World Radio Day which is on the 13th of February of each year. The Center developed and distributed informational materials about the Radio Broadcasting Department at the Ministry of Culture and its services, such as issuing broadcasting licenses. The Center also shot a short film inside Qatar Radio about the its achievements. The film includes interviews with a number of broadcasters who have left a clear mark on Qatar Radio.


Jawahir Al-Badr, Director of the Media Center, commented, “The center is always interested in contributing to World Radio Day celebrations.” For Al-Badr, World Radio Day is a good opportunity to remember the accomplishments of Qatar Radio and its continuous efforts to spread knowledge and offer media content that addresses the hearts and minds. She also mentioned that the Youth Media Center’s 2022 training plan includes a series of training courses for those interested in media careers. These courses are organized in collaboration with various Qatari radio broadcasting services. These opportunities, which will include practical as well as theoretical training, aim to discover new young talents for Qatari broadcasting services.


World Radio Day came about following a proposal by the Spanish Radio Academy. A request was officially submitted by the Spanish UNESCO permanent delegation at the 187th UNESCO Executive Board session in September 2011. World Radio Day was proclaimed by UNESCO in November 2011 at its 36th session, and the UN General Assembly endorsed the proclamation of World Radio Day in December 2012. UNESCO’s goal for adopting World Radio Day is to increase public awareness of the value of radio.