The Qatari Media Center of the Ministry of Culture organized a discussion symposium entitled “The Role of Sports and Media in Promoting National Culture” on the main stage in Darb Al-Saai, as part of the country’s celebrations of the National Day.

The symposium, which was attended by a number of sports media professionals, discussed the effective and clear role of sports and sports media in particular, in spreading and strengthening national culture and exploiting this passion and enthusiasm shown by various societies in sports in order to promote different societal values, on top of which is promoting the value of national culture and making it an important bridge between the citizen and the country.

The symposium, which was attended by a large gathering of stakeholders and specialists, witnessed in-depth discussions about what sport can play, and what is the nature of the role through which it can be benefited from and the interaction of the masses with it, where the well-known Omani commentator, Khalil Al Balushi, spoke about the impact of the sports commentator on his fans, as well as his influence on important youth segments in every society.

On his media side, Mishaal Shaker highlighted the role of the local sports media in the State of Qatar in supporting hosting the World Cup and the importance of this world cup in promoting a culture of supporting the country’s various strategies and projects.

The social influencer, Hamad Al Jameela, touched on the role of sports media in reducing many habits that can accompany such world championships, such as blind fanaticism, and the role of this media in establishing authentic societal concepts and values ​​that can contribute to reducing this type of habits that are still away from our sports stadiums.

The Saudi journalist, Ammar Bahakim, spoke about the importance of the societal message carried by the sports media and its role in being a positive influence in society.

Social activist Abd al-Rahman al-Hajri commented on the role of sports media in promoting common social values ​​among peoples and the ability of this media to be effective in enhancing coexistence skills between different peoples of the world or between groups of the same society.

Speaking about the symposium, Mrs. Iman Al-Kaabi, the Director of the Qatari Media Center, said that the symposium comes within the framework of the center’s social responsibility in highlighting the different roles that the media can play, including sports media, which today has become influential and has the ability to change the convictions of many groups and segments. In society, therefore, this platform must be used to consolidate values, whether they are national, social, religious or other values.

Al-Kaabi continued saying that: “Today’s symposium hosted personalities who have a clear influence in the world of sports media and from different backgrounds and experiences, through which we learn about what sports media can offer in serving the national culture in particular, as well as what it can offer to support various other values ​​that are commensurate with the nature of our societies.”

Al-Kaabi noted by saying that the role played by the World Cup in Qatar 2022 in introducing Arab societal and civilized values ​​that everyone is talking about around the world through the media coverage that accompanied the tournament, stressing that the World Cup in Qatar 2022 has turned into a milestone in the history of the World Cup tournaments, not only through the distinguished organization, but rather through the value messages that he carried to the whole world, which confirms the greatness of sport as a means of harmony and peace between peoples.