The Ministry of Culture, represented at the Qatar Authors’ Forum, held a new session of the “Little Writer” initiative to promote reading in children at the International Preparation Academy, which was presented by Mrs. Hager Musa, who read the story “Lines and Manual”, which tells about the figures of the City of Circles and the journey of lines and manuscript, and interviews with them from the triangle. This story passes through its lines the principle of acceptance and acceptance of our differences, and let us learn that each of us has its own distinction; The difference complements this universe. The workshop was divided into two parts where the story was told in an interesting and attractive manner by Mrs. writer Hajar Musa with a great interaction of students and then it went to the stage of writing a story by drawing, The lecturer asked students to imagine a particular story with events different from those they had heard in their story and then drew the characters and events of the story in a booklet prepared by the classroom teachers of the kindergarten school Maryam bint Imran. Young children unleashed their wild imagination and produced the finest stories and drawings in the sweetest colors. Each child’s name was then recorded on his story written or drawn by him.

On the other hand, Hager Musa asserted that such events are part of the Forum’s enduring efforts to create real opportunities to encourage reading and create a general atmosphere of creativity. She emphasized that children’s love of books is through planting the seed of reading by telling stories in a way that loves children, and trying to integrate them into the atmosphere of the story to create a higher level of imagination in children.