The Department of Publications and Translation at the Ministry of Culture and Sports organized today, Wednesday, the 25th of this month, the inauguration ceremony of the book (there) by the author Abdul Rahman Al-Mannai, at exactly ten thirty in the morning in the hall of the House of Wisdom in the Ministry building. Mohamed Hassan Al-Kuwari, Director of Publications and Translation Department, said: The Ministry of Culture and Sports represented by the Department of Publications and Translation has the honor to issue plays by the great Qatari writer / Abdul Rahman Al-Mannai, who is considered a Qatari cultural and theatrical stature and has many publications and contributions in the field of theater, written and directed, which had the greatest impact on the development of theatrical movement in Qatar


The writer Abdul Rahman Al-Mannai is considered to be a school that should be followed in the field of theater, as he was able to appropriately employ heritage and theater, and one of his most important plays is Umm Al-Zein, as well as many plays written and directed by him.


For his part, Khaled Al-Fadli, the head of the publications department, expressed his pleasure at launching the book “There” by the great artist Abdulrahman Al-Mannai. Emphasizing that this launch is part of the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to disseminate outstanding country innovations, which in turn enrich the country library

He said that the launch of this type of publication contributes in turn to enriching the movement of authorship and issuance, especially as it stems from a great artistic stature such as the great writer and artist Abdul Rahman Al-Mannai.


He described the book as having a great intellectual, literary and artistic depth, befitting the great artist Abdel Rahman Al- Mannai`s rightful place and his leading role in enriching the Qatari theatre movement and what was characterized by its nobility and development.


Sheikha Al-Kuwari, head of the translation department, confirmed that the publication of this book represents an important addition to the Qatari and Arabic library, as Professor Abdul Rahman Al-Mannai has a vision in the field of theater.


This is not his first publication with the Ministry, as in the past years a number of books have been issued to him, for example (Al Mirzam ” serpentine”), (Haskal Ya Saffron Shado Al Daayen ” How Are you Saffron?”) and (The Maqamat OF Ibn Bahr). The administration has also been seeking, during the last period, to electronically publish the administration’s books, whether issued by the issuing department, as well as the various translations that the ministry is working on translating with a view to bringing books to the largest reader category.