The Qatari Forum for Authors, in cooperation with the Qatari Media Center, organized a critical reading of the novel Land of Storytellers by Dr. Hanan Al-Fayyad, a faculty member at Qatar University. Participated in the critical session of each of Dr. Imtenan Al-Smadi, Professor of Arabic Literature at the University of Jordan, and Dr. Murad Mabrouk, Professor of Criticism and Modern Literature at Qatar University, and Dr. Noura Farag, Professor of Literature and Criticism at Qatar University, and Dr. Seetah Al-Athba, Head of the Arabic Language Department at Qatar University, meanwhile, the session was managed by Dr. Fatima Al Suwaidi who is a Professor of Literature and Criticism at Qatar University. Dr. Al-Suwaidi said that the novel raises deep and buried problems in the Arab society, especially with regard to tribalism and racism, its forms, and its connection to the intellectual and cultural structure.

Dr. Noura Mohammad Faraj said that: The novel belongs to the dystopia that has become a presence in the Arabic literature, and it used a poetic language to express the contradictions of the world, which is a forward-looking vision for the future and a criticism of the living reality. In turn, Dr. Imtenan Al-Smadi said that: The novel has a forward-looking dimension regarding scientific and technical progress, and it contains the equation of the East and its technical superiority over the West. It is an optimistic vision through which the writer sought to direct the attention of the recipient to the dominance of scientific progress over humanity. Dr. Seetah Al-Athba confirmed that this work will remain in the memory of everyone who reads it because it is distinguished and deserves to be stopped, in terms of the language that was one of the protagonists of the novel because it was fresh and had a lot of poetry.