Darb Al Saai, located in the Umm Salal area, witnessed wide visits by World Cup fans, the last of which was the visit of the Japanese public, who expressed their admiration for the activities of Darb Al Saai, which introduce the masses to Qatari culture. They enjoyed the cultural environment and atmosphere, activities and various events in site. Also, they praised the events and activities that suit all categories of ages in Al Ezbah, Al-Maqtar, Al-Nasa’, and Darb Al Saai market, which contains a large number of shops and companies for entrepreneurs.

Hirokazu Tsunoda, a Japanese football fan, praised the activities accompanying the National Day celebrations during his visit to Darb Al Saai, stressing that he would encourage his friends to visit Qatar as it is a suitable destination for sports culture and entertainment in his opinion.

The fan, who is known for his voluntary activity, which is based on bringing children from affected areas to football matches, including the 2022 Qatar World Cup, said: “This is the first time that I visit the National Day celebrations in Darb Al Saai. I expected the celebrations to be just a military parade, but I was surprised that there were many cultural and heritage activities, and I enjoyed them a lot.”

The Japanese fan added by saying that, “I did not expect the National Day celebrations to be so splendid,” pointing out that “the Qatari culture is close to Japanese culture as it is a culture based on hunting and pearl diving, and now it has developed a lot and I think it is a good example for the world.”

Tsunoda confirmed that he was a little worried about how a small country would manage competitions between 32 teams combined in one place where he expected some chaos, adding, “Now that I visited Qatar, I think Qatar ran the World Cup well. Everything went smoothly and I was very impressed with that.”

It is noteworthy that Tsunoda is the head of a group of 20 football fans known as (Chunmag Tai), and the group was known for its many actions aimed at thanking the international football community for the support it provided to Japan in the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami.

Hala Cody praised the organization of Darb Al Saai events, and was impressed by the activities held at this site, which show aspects of Qatari culture, and in which events are held for the public introducing Qatari and Arab heritage, customs and traditions.

He pointed out that he is in the State of Qatar to support his country’s national team, Japan, and at the same time get acquainted with the tourist areas in the country, which he described as beautiful and worth a visit.

He explained that the State of Qatar was able to present an exceptional version of the World Cup this year, as all Japanese fans admired the tournament that introduced them and the whole world to the Qatari culture.

Chican Ann Takuya said that he was very impressed with the popular food in the State of Qatar, as well as hot drinks, including karak, as he became keen to drink karak constantly on a daily basis while visiting the country’s tourist places.

He added by saying that Qatar has achieved great successes and achievements this year, in terms of the distinguished organization of the World Cup, and the development of the infrastructure that was the reason for the success of the most important and most prominent tournament in the world.