Among a heritage and cultural atmosphere, the activities of the “Garangao Market” in Darb Al Saai, organized by the Ministry of Culture in Darb Al Saai in the Umm Salal area, continue, and will conclude tomorrow, with the celebration of Garangao Night, amid the remarkable presence and interaction of children and families.

The diversity of activities witnessed in Darb Al-Saai has engaged various age groups, although children being the most enthusiastic participants. They were drawn to numerous corners spread throughout in Darb Al-Saai, including “Hazawi Ramadan”, “Garangao Competition”, or traditional games, Or artistic workshops for children, in addition to the magic session.

Heritage Conservation

The “Garangao Market” competition attracted visitors in Darb Al-Saai, offering a blend of entertaining questions and cultural and heritage information presented by media personality Eman Alkaabi, Director of Qatar Media Corporation, and Mr. Mohammed Bin Nasser.

In this context, Eman Alkaabi emphasized that the competition creates a family-friendly atmosphere and contributes to reinforcing Qatari heritage in the hearts of both young and old, representing an essential part of Qatari identity.

She noted that the competition targets all family members, aiming to bring joy and positive vibes to the visitors of the Clock Tower Alley on this occasion. She highlighted the diverse topics and ideas of the competition, ranging from Garangao as a traditional occasion to questions and themes about the blessed month of Ramadan, benefiting everyone.

She noted that the competition targets all family members, both adults and children, as it is of a family nature through which we try to bring more joy and positive vibes to the visitors of Darb Al Saai on this occasion, pointing out the diversity of the topics and ideas of the competition, including Garangao as a heritage occasion, as well as questions and topics about the blessed month of Ramadan in a way that benefits everyone. Mr. Mohammed bin Nasser expressed his delight in presenting this competition accompanied by the journalist Eman AlKaabi. He affirmed that the competition revolves around various heritage aspects that are still preserved in the authentic Qatari memory. It aims to revive the ancient Qatari heritage among the current generation, thereby enhancing their Qatari identity and deepening their sense of national belonging.

The significant turnout for the Garangao Market events was described as highly notable, reflecting the audience’s desire to learn about Qatar’s ancient traditions in their various heritage aspects.

Among the activities included in the events are children’s art workshops, which have received significant interaction from children. These workshops involve training them to draw many heritage aspects associated with Garangao, as well as other aspects related to the holy month of Ramadan.

The presence of popular food stalls reflects the desire to learn about the culture of popular cuisine as part of the folk heritage. Additionally, the spread of traditional clothing stores, with all they represent in terms of heritage and cultural clothing from the past, signifies the integration of various heritage aspects through the Garangao Market events. These events, held for the first time, have garnered demands from the public to be held annually due to their remarkable attendance and interaction from people of all age groups.


Heritage Exhibitions

The Visual Arts Center, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, participates in the events through a series of art exhibitions, where the center presents three exhibitions to showcase artworks depicting the Garangao tradition, as well as works focusing on the holy month of Ramadan and Qatari heritage.

These exhibitions include: “Heritage Exhibition”: This exhibition features a collection of artworks by members of the center, highlighting the Garangao tradition, “Ramadan Exhibition”: This artistic exhibition embodies the spirituality and splendor of the month of Ramadan, and “Colorful Threads Exhibition”: This exhibition invites visitors to explore the world of weaving, where handicrafts meet history and heritage.