The Friends of the Environment Center launched online workshop on the topic of the Green House to train participants on how to prepare green houses that help plants withstand the summer heat while recycling wood and fabrics and using them to make green houses which serve as shelter for animals and plants from the heat of the sun in the summer.


The workshop came within the framework of the summer activities launched by the center as part of its annual program entitled “I’m exploring 2021”.


Mubarak Al- Dossari, Head of Programs and Activities Department at the Friends of the Environment Center said that the workshop is the fourth within the activities of the summer activity and it was a specialized environmental workshop indicating that it witnessed a huge demand from students and participants through the Teams Application pointing to the broadcast of the workshop via social media platforms.


He added, “We have diversified the summer activity this year to include environmental workshops specialized in all aspects of environment such as workshops in recycling, environmental manual workshops and other workshops on how to prepare green houses in order to introduce participants and inform them with all environmental aspects.” Also, he pointed that there are upcoming specialized workshops.


Al Dossari invited all followers of the summer activity to participate in the Scientific Excellence Award launched by the center in conjunction with the summer activity.