The Qatari Authors’ Forum continues to promote the culture of followers through its official YouTube channel, which provides special, valuable and meaningful cultural events and activities. Its activities and events vary to include and attract all tastes and trends in various aspects that touch the community and the public in general.


Socially, the forum presented the topic of dialogue in the family through the “integrated society” program. During this seminar, Dr. Issa Al-Horr, Family and Educational Adviser and Youth Adviser at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, emphasized the importance of family dialogue in strengthening family and therefore community ties, since it links family members who are essentially brought together by feelings of cordiality, love and proximity, whether it be with brothers or with parents individually or collectively.


He noted that family dialogue was based on three basic pillars: the speaker, the listener who understands the speech with all his senses, and the subject of the dialogue. He added that the success of the dialogue is based on the fact that everyone must play both the speaking and listening roles in a circular manner to include all the parties to the dialogue. The dialogue cannot be completed without the completion of the circle. The purpose of the dialogue is not to argue or win anyone’s opinion, leading to silent dialogue, or the dialogue of the deafness that carries negative results and builds large dams between family members and the subject of dialogue emphasizing that the most important rules for the success of dialogue are good listening to ears, emotions and feelings, the use of constructive words that reinforce the building on the talk of others, then the modesty that solidifies the talk in the family, as well as a move away from bigotry to opinion, the use of words of praise, and a more positive relationship from the dialogue than before.


As for the “Between the Shelves” program, the forum dealt with the life of the Czech writer Frans Kafka.  The program reviewed the upbringing and the most prominent stages of his family, scientific and practical life, through the writers Hasan Al- Anwari and Reem Dabees. The writer Hassan Al-Anwari began the episode with an overview of Kafka and the details of his life, noting that he is a Czech writer of German origin, born in Prague in 1883, to a domineering father and a shy mother, a father who left a deep impact on Kafka’s psyche and literature later on, and the father was a tyrant who only mastered the language Numbers and material profits, in complete contrast to Kafka’s soft, transparent soul, yearning for solitude, tranquility, and contemplation away from the hustle and bustle of life.


Al-Anwari continued to introduce Kafka, explaining that he was the eldest son of five other brothers who all died at a very young age, and he was in constant disagreement with his parents, who refused their son to practice the writing hobby. He opposed his parents and continued to write, but he was afraid of publishing anything.


On his study stages and their details, Al-Anwari said: After a fairly normal elementary education and graduation, Franz joined Charles Ferdinand University in Prague, and began studying chemistry, but soon left this major after only two weeks, turning his studies into law, which did not comfort him, and considered it Just a way to get a job that would satisfy his father’s desire.


Through its YouTube channel, the Forum also broadcasts numerous programs and initiatives that accompany all local and international events and actions, including “Race Your Dream,” “Marqat Qatar for speech,” “Between the Shelves,” and other special programs and initiatives. The Forum also opens the door for young talent and writers to give them the opportunity to enhance their abilities and develop their skills to innovate and express themselves before the community