In a session entitled “The Open-minded Critical Project: “Narrative, Digital, Human”, the Qatari Forum for Authors presented the “Female Critics and their approaches” initiative to enhance the culture of criticism among authors and society in general.

The session hosted the critic Dr. Zohour Karama, professor of Higher Education at Mohammad VI University in Rabat, Morocco. Dr. Abdelhak Belabed, Professor of literature Issues and Approaches of Critical and Comparative Studies at Qatar University, hold a conversation with her and started the session by talking about the importance of the initiatives presented by the forum noting that this meeting comes to raise the slogan entitled “And if we are socially apart, we will converge critically and culturally”. He said that this initiative is one of the initiatives presented by the Qatari Forum for Authors affiliated to Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Dr. Belabed said, “We meet in this session, as you were accustomed to in previous critical sessions entitled “Initiative of Critics and their approaches” but we in this new session dedicated to female critics from the Arab world highlight their opinion inside the Arab Critical Institution and the pioneer projects and deep intellectual thesis they offer to serve the society. So, we called it “The Female Critics and their approaches” to cope with the slogan presented by ISECO organization to celebrate the Arab Woman this year as well as the celebrations of the International Women’s Day in the world.

Dr. Zohour Karam, in the opening of her speech at the session, considered that this initiative is a civilized platform in the session as it is important and distinctive in the field of Arab Culture. Also, she considered it a civilized intellectual decision that raises the position of thinking and reading as well especially by critics in the Arab World.


She also praised the efforts of the Qatari Forum for Authors and the Ministry of Culture and Sports in promoting the culture of criticism and thanked them for the wonderful and distinguished cultural and intellectual initiatives they provide.


Dr. Zohour Karam said, “The scientific research teaches us very important values such as attention. The process of attention is a very important process in critical action just like listening carefully to words and things in this world including the world of texts because texts are pronounced speech. When we speak, we communicate and use all the senses. There is attention, amazement, stopping and speaking and all of these movements and actions are present in any artistic creative expressive literary work and therefore it is not enough to read the sentences and what they say knowing that the creative language doesn’t say but it personifies. Thus, we should have this ability to engage in the creative language and in the creative worlds we feel the fragility and aesthetic of the text because the creative language is a language that has the supernatural ability to represent the world with everything in it as we can sum up any aesthetic or creative situation in one sentence”.