Al-Khor Club has scheduled the regular General Assembly for the next 31 August at 7 a.m. at the Club’s headquarters. The General Al-Khor will witness the election of the Governing Council for the 2021/2025 session, along with the validation of the record of the previous meeting, the report of the President and the work plan for the next phase, the approval of the final account for the fiscal year ended 2020/2021 and the approval of the Club’s strategic plan. The Club stressed that the members entitled to attend the meeting were those who paid the contributions and those who had served at least six months. the condition of holding the general meeting is met in the presence of an absolute majority of 50 + 1, and in the event that the quorum is not complete, the meeting is postponed to next July 26 in the presence of a quarter of the members If the quorum is not reached, the meeting is postponed for one hour, after which the meeting is held with any number of members present.


The door to run for the elections for the administrative elections of the club is now open starting from yesterday, Tuesday and it shall be closed on the 26th of this month. The deadline for receiving the proposals of the members of the General Assembly will be 21 August, while the official deadline for the payment of contributions is set for 24 August.


The extraordinary General Assembly of the Khor Club had selected an interim committee chaired by His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Thani as President and with him Mohamed Muqlid Al Marikhi as Vice-President for one year. Al Khor’s children are counting on the upcoming elections to see the birth of a new administration leading the next phase until 2025, stability in the club’s corridors, a new business strategy, and the news confirms that the Khor election will see more than one candidate compete for the club’s presidency and leadership in the coming period to meet the aspirations of the club’s masses.