Salah Al-Mannai, Vice President of the Doha Marine Sports Club, expressed his strong optimism about the ability of Qatar in general and the sports community in particular to overcome the negative effects of the dreaded Coronavirus as soon as possible. He further noted that the decision of the Qatar Olympic Committee to complete the remaining sports activity for the current season as of 20 Next July made everyone pleased.
In his statements yesterday, Al-Mannai said, “All members of the Doha Club are currently awaiting new instructions from the Ministry of Culture and Sports through the directives of the Crisis Committee management, which is following-up the general situation fully and decides what is good for society in general and for the sports family in particular. All that we wish is that this coronavirus pandemic ends as soon as possible so that life returns to normal on all levels.”
On the steps to be taken by the Doha Marine Sports Club during the coming period, Al-Mannai said, “We did not stop for a single moment throughout the past period to set up contingency plans and alternative programs that deal with all possibilities. Ware are awaiting, therefore, directions to open activities, and that moment the joy will be double, Allah willing. We will rejoice for Eidul Fitr and at the same time for lifting some precautionary restrictions and thus allowing life to return normal and hence we return to practicing all our sports activities.”
He continued, “We have a calendar ready for summer activities taking into account all the precautionary measures that must be followed in such circumstances. I confirm that we can practice our activities and achieve the largest possible sporting gains without leaving any chance of exposure to any losses or injuries due to the spread of the Coronavirus.
“We have received,” He added, “News about the Qatar Olympic Committee gradually lifting restrictions on sports activities during the upcoming periods with great happiness. Therefore, we are awaiting the Ministry’s directives to allow clubs to practice activities and in the event of lifting the ban we will immediately begin to resume our activities taking into account health requirements through Safe distances.”
On the nature of the calendar prepared by the club, Al Mannai said, “We have an integrated program to establish various marine sporting activities and meet the wishes of all sea goers. We will announce the details of this program once instructions are issued to resume activities. We will focus on establishing these activities in open places that help us in establishing safe races and away from any gatherings that can cause us any kind of concern about the health of marine sports fans.”