Today, the first theatrical performances of “The Difficult Mission,” hosted by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the State Foundation for the Cultural Neighborhood Katara, take place. The performances shall continue until 12 December at the Drama Theatre in Katara. The play is co-starred by artists Abdel-Aziz Al-Muslim, Ghazi Hussain, Maram, Jamal Al-Shathi, Abdullah Al-Muslim, Ahmed- Al- Tamar, Abdullah Al-Ramiyan, Khalid Al-Rabea, Maya, Shimah Qamber.

The cast of the play concluded its rehearsals yesterday, and on the sidelines of the closing rehearsals, artist Ghazi Hussein praised the attention of His Excellency Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al Thani, Minister of culture, and his support for this theatrical performance, noting that everyone will support him to promote the theatrical and artistic movement in Qatar. As for the play “The Difficult Mission,” Hussein stressed that it restored the theatre movement to its youth activities. He stressed that such initiatives, in the context of fruitful cooperation with the State of Kuwait, were represented in the theatre of “Al- Salam”, reflecting the interest in theatre and the joint cultural and artistic cooperation between the State of Qatar and the State of Kuwait.

The artist Ghazi Hussain noted that the play is concerned with the issues of Gulf society and with the development of society, thanks to the good that God has given it. However, that good has not been exploited or invested. The play is therefore subject to such aspects, which makes it a meaningful play and deals with Arab integration, not just Gulf. We hope that we will have shed light on the Arab world and highlighted the skirmishes to which Arab unity may be subjected, as well as his agreement to return to the stage, after a long absence, to participate in this play, in cooperation with the brothers of the State of Kuwait. Artist Saeed Al-Saadoun expressed his pleasure at participating in the play “The Difficult Mission,” thanking the Ministry of Culture for hosting the show, noting that the Working Group would make a special presentation, and about his role in the play, saying that his role combined five roles, which were very influential in the context of the play.

The artist Abdullah Al-Musallam said: I thank the Ministry of Culture for its support for the special Kuwaiti presentation, noting that the most important feature of this work is the distinctive cooperation and exchange of cultures between Qatari and Kuwaiti theatre, with the participation of the artist Ghazi Hussein and the artist Khalid Rabea of Qatar. In addition to its working group from Kuwait, the play is a perfect Qatari-Kuwaiti play in terms of actors and the entire working group. Artist Maram Al Baluchi said: I am very pleased to participate in this work in Qatar, confirming that the play had already been shown in Kuwait and had been very successful, which encouraged the Working Group to present it to in front of the Qatari audience who has a distinct sense. she noted that the most important feature of this show is that it will accompany the events of the Arab Cup tournament hosted in Qatar these days, which will enable the performances to attract a tournament audience to enjoy it.

The play addresses some social issues, promotes the system of community and moral values with a targeted comic framework, and addresses negative phenomena that are extraneous to the constants of society and that exist in the Arab arena, such as: the issues of corruption, the disadvantages of the social media, the high crime rate, particularly stabbing offences, the strengthening of the self-sufficiency system of products and industries, the visibility of the efforts of farmers and factory owners, how to achieve income diversification, the assistance of small, medium and private sector leaders to emerge from the crisis and its consequences, the protection of society, and the serious security role in addressing these phenomena.