Within the activities of Doha International Book Fair, the Cultural Salon witnessed the inauguration of the book of the child, Laiba Abdel Samad, who holds a Guinness certificate as the youngest writer of a novel in the world. She published her first book when she was 9 years old. The young writer launched her book, entitled “The Book of Legends”, which is written in English is coming as part of a series of three books titled The Order of Galaxies.

Laiba talked about her book, which is a fantasy story about four children who go to school, but one of them is kidnapped and his friends try to save him.

She emphasized that her grandfather was the source of her inspiration and her family encouraged her to write, and that she has read more than 290 books, downloads books from the Internet, buys stories from the library, and enjoys spending time in the school library with her classmates.

Laiba considered that her participation in the book fair is a motivator for her to present more, and that her appetite is open to writing and reading. Through her writing, she targets her generation and the older generations through her fictional writing, which is inspired by her various reflections and readings.

Laiba indicated that Doha International Book Fair, through the Cultural Salon, provided great support to her and all talented and creative people of all walks of life.