Within the activities of the Doha International Book Fair in its thirty-second session, the Cultural Salon organized a symposium entitled “My Experience in Writing”, which was presented by Daabd al-Haq Belabed, a professor at Qatar University. The writer, Mohammad Hassan Al-Kuwari, was hosted, the Director of Publications and Translation Department at the Ministry of Culture, and the student Fahd Al-Kuwari.

The symposium dealt with the experience of the writer Mohammad Al-Kuwari’s in writing, some of his works, and stories. At the beginning of the session, student Fahd Al-Kuwari spoke about his experience in the Young Authors Club, which falls under the Student Activities Department at Qatar University.

Fahd Al-Kuwari stated that the club’s message is to be a meeting place for creative and cultural talents and a space for writing, in order to consolidate the Arab and Islamic identity, and to spread the values ​​of tolerance and cultural diversity among young people; Through a strategic plan that achieves its goals by holding workshops and training courses in authorship provided by writers and specialists, as well as holding seminars and discussion sessions in partnership with relevant parties in the university and abroad.

He went on to explain that the Young Authors Club works to raise a generation of young authors who are proud of their Arabic language and Islamic identity, to raise the creative and cultural level of youth, and to embrace and embrace creative youth talents.

Fahd Al-Kuwari mentioned the most important activities organized by the club.

Afterwards, the writer, Mohammad Hassan Al-Kuwari, touched on his most important writings and beginnings, and the writers he was influenced by in writing the story.

Al-Kuwari stressed that the writer cannot start writing until he is saturated with books and reading, and draws from the writers who preceded him.

In addition, he considered that the distinguished writer should start at the first stage of his career by writing the short story, which is considered the first nucleus of writing, indicating that going through the experience of writing a novel before being able to write the story is a grave mistake because the novel needs a large space of time and space. This is what he always emphasizes through the workshops he offers to those interested in writing, especially young people. Al-Kuwari stressed the importance of competitions and prizes that motivate writers to strive for excellence and creativity, not only for their material value, rather than that, it is to prove himself and his capabilities and to obtain appreciation and recognition of his efforts and the fruit of his thought. During the meeting, he announced that he had finished writing a second collection of short stories, ready for printing, which he intends to publish during the next book fair.