The cultural salon at Doha International Book Fair witnessed a symposium entitled “The Radiance of Education, Culture and Science…and the Role of the National Committee thereof”, moderated by Dr. Aisha Al-Kuwari, the Director General of Qatari Forum for Authors, and with the participation of Ms. Amna Mohammad Al-Buainain, International Studies Consultant at Qatar National Committee. for Education, Culture and Science, and Ms. Shaima Kamal Amer, specialist in international and regional organizations.

Ms. Amna Al-Buainain spoke about the committee’s achievements in the educational field and the school’s network affiliated with international organizations, including UNESCO and ALECSO.

She also highlighted the Education Cities Network and the celebration of international days related to education, such as International Day of Education, International Day to Protect Education from attacks, as well as International Teacher’s Day.

Besides, she said that what distinguishes the work of the organizations is harmony and harmony, pointing to the brilliance of the National Committee in the cultural field, and the State of Qatar’s ratification of (7) agreements with UNESCO.

In addition, she came to talk about the archaeological site of Al-Zubarah, which is included in the World Heritage List, and which is the first Qatari archaeological site on the international list.

Furthermore, she talked about the committee’s radiance with regard to the intangible heritage and the State of Qatar’s accession to the joint file with regard to falconry and living human heritage, as well as Qatar’s accession to the countries registered for the palm tree file along with getting involved with the joint Arabic coffee file with Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman, while the Ministry of Culture is working on preparing new files, the most important of which are the sadu and henna files, in cooperation with the National Committee. She did not neglect to talk in her paper about the brilliance of the National Committee in the scientific field, and the development achieved by Qatar in this field.

In her turn, Ms. Shaima Kamal Amer gave an introduction to the National Committee, and its contribution to achieving the goals of international organizations, which are consistent with the goals of education in the State of Qatar on the one hand, and with the goals of the Committee on the other hand.

Also, she dealt with the objectives of Qatar National Committee, and stopped at the Education Journal, being the first Qatari peer-reviewed journal. It is worth mentioning that the magazine is distributed free of charge as a gift and exchange with universities, scientific and educational research centers and ministries of education in all Arab countries.

Dr. Aisha Al-Kuwari, concluded the symposium by emphasizing that the symposium contributed to highlighting the brilliance of the National Committee as well as highlighting the importance of the Education Journal and being the first Qatari peer-reviewed journal, which makes it a cultural heritage.