Within the activities of Doha International Book Fair, the Cultural Salon witnessed a session entitled Cultural Youth Competitions and the Development of Creative Talents. The session was moderated by Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, a university professor and researcher. The poet Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari, winner of the 2019 Universities Poet Competition, and the student Hedaya Al-Tamimi, winner of the University Speaker Competition for the Current World, were hosted.

At the beginning of the session, Dr. Al-Janabi praised the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, represented by the Book Fair and the Cultural Salon, in supporting and highlighting young talents. Dr. Al-Janabi indicated that such cultural youth competitions that focus on creators discover talents, motivate them to continue, and contribute to the creation of creative generations. Al-Janabi said that the university poet competition produced poets who are able to enrich the local and Arab cultural scene, and in turn the university speaker competition was able to discover creative talents in the fields of rhetoric.

In turn, the poet Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari said that participating in the university poet competition gave him great experience and increased his self-confidence, especially after he won first place in the competition in Nabati poetry for the year 2019. Al-Kuwari considered that the competition opened his appetite to participate in other competitions at the national and Gulf level, and he got on several awards.

Al-Kuwari mentioned in his speech at the session that he chose Nabati poetry because it is closest to his heart and conscience, although he had attempts in eloquent poetry, but it is not comparable to his compositions of Nabati poetry that he drinks among his poetry-loving and tasting family.

Al-Kuwari recited his poem, which he won in the final stage of the competition, and at the end of the session, he recited another poem about honoring parents.

He stated that he does not have poetry collections yet, but the university competition has published some of his poems for him in a joint collection with the rest of the competition winners.

In turn, the student Hedaya Al-Tamimi, who won the first place in the University Speaker Competition in the category of Divination for Sessions and Forums, considered that she discovered her talent from a young age, when she was chosen to present a concert in the school, to successive opportunities on the stage and present more than one ceremony, after which she is sure of her inclination to present sessions and forums , which prompted her to participate in the competition as soon as it was announced.

Besides, she delivered gifts during her intervention in the introduction session that she delivered on the closing day of the university speaker competition, through which she was crowned.