In commemoration of the White Stick Day, which marks mid-October each year, Qatar Social and Cultural Centre for the Blind organized a panel discussion on “Movement and Direction” under the slogan “My Path Lighting Stick.”

Mohammed Hashim al-Sharif, Consultant for Visual Disability, and Mina Majid Al-Khalidi, a specialist in direction and movement, participated in the Al-Noor Center for the Blind. During the seminar, several axes were highlighted, including the history of the white stick, its development over the years, its use controls, and its importance.

Muhammad Hashim al-Sharif identified the white stick as an aid used by the blind person in his daily life, helping him to move, move and rely on himself, and was distinguished in white by defining the surroundings as those who carry it and use it as blind sight. He highlighted the history of the white stick and its beginnings, evolution and relevance to blind people and noted the importance of celebrating the day to raise awareness and use the blind stick.