The Qatar Social and Cultural Center for the Blind organized an open meeting on “voluntary work” which was broadcasted within Zoom application for online meetings.


During the meeting, the journey of some distinguished volunteers was reviewed, their impressions and benefits they achieved from volunteering in the field of disability in general and the field of visual impairment in particular whether inside or outside the center.


During the meeting, some inspiring volunteers were hosted who presented their experiences and initiatives in volunteering in various fields, the challenges they faced and how they face them and benefit positively from them to serve people with disabilities.


This event comes as confirmation of the center on the importance of volunteering in the service of the people with disabilities especially individuals of visual impairment and as an invitation to join the center’s volunteer work team.


Dr. Batoul Khalifa, Associate Professor of Mental Health at Qatar University, stressed the importance of volunteering in general and defined it as help, aid and effort in order to achieve the good of society especially with people with disabilities. She reviewed her experience in the field of volunteering with people of disabilities especially in the field of learning difficulties.


She also presented several training workshops, lectures and training of teachers in dealing with student who suffers from learning difficulties pointing out that the volunteer work is an essential pillar in building society, its unity and cohesion and it is a human act closely related to all meanings of good.


Mr. Hussein Jassim Al-Haddad, member of the General Assembly of the Qatar Sports Federation for people of special needs, presented his experience in the field of volunteering with people of visual disabilities since its inception and which moved him to change his educational and professional path to become in the field of people with disabilities.