At the Doha event, the Capital of Culture of the Islamic World 2021, “Marqat Qatar for speech” initiative devoted its nineteenth session to competition among participants in the fourth round of “written sermons with a view to improving the writing methods, accuracy and skill.”


In the session moderated and presented by the interviewer Muhammad Al-Shabrawi, the writer, Professor Hafsa Rekrak, read the heritage sermon of Qas bin Saeda Al-Ayadi, and she is considered to be the third female voice to deliver this famous heritage sermon in Al-Marqat, after her, sheikh Shaqr Al- Shahwany, who is a judge in Al- Marqat, presented the speech of Al- Marqat in which he indicated the importance of repetition in rhetoric, explaining that some people can only understand the message and content of the message through the second time, and others can make sure of the meaning when they hear it for the second time, or may be some people did not hear it well, giving example and citing that the prophet, peace be upon him, used to repeat his words up to three times, sometimes, to confirm the message, advice and exhortation advising the preacher not to get tired of repetition; rather do it with creativity and innovation.


In the fourth round of written sermons that were broadcasted on the forum’s website on YouTube last night, we could see Hafsa Rekrak, who presented a sermon entitled “The Secret” about how a person can be happy, and the positive aspects in it, and Anas Al-Dulaimi, who gave a sermon on the character of “Dhul-Qarnayn.” The two sermons were models for the inclusion of evidence and examples of Qur’anic verses, prophetic hadiths, poetic verses, wisdom and Arabic proverbs in the text, and how to use in the text. Dr. Rania Mustafa and Ms. Rasha Al-Salah will judge the session, where they presented the technical evaluation of the two sermons, and the most important aspects of beauty and strength in them, along with some other observations. Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabbi, the Arabic language expert and supervisor of the initiative, will give an evaluation of the two sermons from a linguistic and grammatical point of view


During the session, Eng. Khaled Al-Ahmad was honored with a certificate of thanks and appreciation for his contributions to the previous “Marqat- Qatar” sessions, then announced that Hafsa Rekrak won the first place, and Anas Al-Dulaimi came in the second place.